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This site was created by high school senior and nine-year creative problem solving participant Whitney Winn. All content, design, and code is her work and she declares her independence. It was made for the purpose of competing for a VOMBO scholarship, but she hopes to add to the content in the future.

Whitney started Odyssey of the Mind at the ripe age of nine in 1994. Her team competed in OMbelievable Music and won third at the State Level. Other problems include: Time Traveler, Great Impressions, Can You Dig It?, Create and Animate, King Arthur, and Anonymously Yours. Currently she participates on her high school team in On Holiday and is headed to Globals for her first time since 1996. She is looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and purchasing a VOMBO penguin.

For more information about this site or just to talk to Whitney, e-mail her here: