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Regionals to Affiliates
If your team has the honor of moving past regionals to the affiliate tournament, congratulations! The affiliate (state) competition is usually a much bigger scale production than the regionals. Expect to see a lot more people, more competition rooms, and an increased level of competition. Remember that all of these teams won first place at their respective regional tournaments, so you'll see more really polished performances. Don't forget to enhance your own presentation between tournaments as well. The logistics of the competition usually work the same, but the affiliate may run a longer day with a later awards ceremony. If your affiliate hosts pin-trading, don't forget to fit some of that into the day.

Affiliates to Globals
The step from affiliates to globals is a much bigger one. Depending on your location in relation to the tournament site, you may be in for a big trip. The four-day extravaganza is quite a show. Make sure to attend opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the after-parties. Central challenge and instant challenge are usually on different days, so plan accordingly. Make sure you bring plenty of your affiliate or region pins to trade. Unless you have attended globals, you can't begin to imagine the scope of pin-trading. Globals is a really great time to meet people from all over the world and to experience creative problem solving at its best.