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Thinking you might want to start up a program? What you need to get started:
1. Team members! Some schools go through the gifted program, but anyone can join. Put out announcements to find interested kids. Hold informational meetings. Emphasize that there is a time commitment.
2. A coach. Many times, this is the most difficult person to find. A teacher or a dedicated parent will work just fine. Make sure they will commit for the whole year.
3. Money. You will need funds for the memberships and materials. If it is not possible for the school to pay, you may want to have each team member donate money or materials. It's always okay to fundraise!
4. Meeting place. You will need somewhere to meet and to store materials. Find out if the school can offer a room or if a team member has a free garage. A school's often hard because you can't always work on the weekends if necessary.
5. Membership. You need a school membership and will need to pay state and regional fees. Some states handle this process in different ways. Contact your affiliate director for the most current information.

Once you have all the materials gathered, read the Rules of the Road, pick a problem, and get started!

Note: It is also possible to form a team without school sponsorship.