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I first got into making webpages, oh, about four years ago. I started off with a very simple personal site, Wikeni's Place. It never amounted to much as it was mostly intended for my friends. Two years ago, I discovered Sailormoon and begin to see really well designed pages. They inspired me to make one of my own, but most never got past the drawing board. I finally published Calm Waters, my Sailormercury page in the summer of 1999. Since then I have also made two Cardcaptor Sakura pages and have about six others in the works. I love the design aspect, but also enjoy coding the pages. I hope to get a domain in the near future.
Odyssey of the Mind
If there's one of my schooll related activites that I really love, it's Odyssey of the Mind. OM is a creative problem solving competition that I have been participating in since fourth grade. It really helped to bring me out of my shell. I have made some of my best friends and have wonderful memories from the seven years I have been involved.
In fifth grade, all students can choose to learn a band instrument. To be different, I chose the alto saxophone. Sometimes I regret that choice, as most of my friends play the flute, but sometimes it's fun being the only girl in a section. I'm not that great at it, but that is probably due to my lack of practice. Last year, I got to play the baritone sax in jazz band and that was extreme fun! Low notes are cool. I think the soprano sax would be fun as well.
Academic Team
I started this from the advice of my good friend Sean. He did it at his high school, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. It's sort of like Quiz Bowl (I think), and you compete weekly against another school to see who wins league. This is the one chance where I get to use the random facts that are in my head and hang out with other 'geeks' like myself.
Last year, something made me want to try to be on the yearbook staff. Some of my friends had done it and enjoyed it, and it sounded like something that could help with a future career. Well, I made it, and somehow got fenagled into being the copy editor. That's okay though. It's a really fun job and I'm enjoying yearbook so far this year.