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I've been obsessed with the internet for I don't know, maybe five years. It was whenever we first got AOL. Now, it's turned into a full fledged addiction. I can't even go a day without checking my e-mail and newsgroups. I connect to the internet whenever I'm on the computer just so it's there. It's comforting really.
Beanie Babies
It all started when my best friend gave me Waddles the penguin for my 12th birthday. From there, the obsession spiraled into a huge mess. I would stand in lines in the morning to get the newest batch. I would stay online to see who was retired. I don't remember now, but I must have 150 of these cuddly critters stashed away in my closet.
Toy Story
One random weekend in 7th grade, my best friend and I saw Toy Story at a youth group event. That night, we came home and watched it again when we were kind of hyper and giggly. We somehow became obsessed with the movie and watched it numerous times.
My Little Ponies
This obsession started when my best friend (notice a trend?) was cleaning out her old toys. She found her My Little Ponies, and that sparked me to pull out mine. At that time I was also into the internet so I went and looked them up and discovered just how many there were. I was inspired and began to buy as many as a I could. Once I had all of my favorites, I stopped purchasing them, but I still love 'em!
Oh gosh, this obsession has turned into my entire life practically. Again, my best friend tried desparately to get me to watch Sailor Moon in eighth grade. I finally agreed to watch it, but didn't really like it at first. After watching more episodes, it gained my interest and I looked it up on the internet, discovered fansubs, ordered, watched, and was blown away. Now, I am a full blown "otaku". Cosplay is the newest way for me to explore my anime obsession and that may just branch off into its own category.
Harry Potter
With all of the hype that surrounded the Harry Potter books in 1999, I just had to read Sorcerer's Stone. And then I had to read Chamber of Secrets. And it went from there. I'm currently involved in a really fun RPG with some great people. (What's happening in the forest?!)