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Who are you?
I suppose I could be classifed as a typical overachieving high school student. I'm a junior, take three AP classes, participate in academic team, swim team, water polo , Odyssey of the Mind, Key Club, anime club, Girl Scouts, and am the copy editor for the yearbook. But I'm more than just a listing of activites that will look good on a college application. At school, I come off as an introvert with few friends. Catch me at home, and I'm a genki anime loving, webpage designing, karaokeing, cosplay making psycho. Okay, maybe not quite a psycho, but I'm a lot different when I'm with my best friends or my mom and sister. I thrive on knowledge. I love learning, but don't enjoy school.
What is your pet peeve?
I hate it when people ask me why I'm quiet or why I don't talk. It sounds just as stupid as asking "why do you talk so much?" I'm quiet because I chose not to talk about pointless things. I hate when people talk just to talk. Sometimes silence is good. I think many people today are scared by silence. I really respect that guy who pledged to be silent for a whole year. I'm also quiet because I like to listen. I hear things and soak them up. As I mentioned above, I like to know things and the easiest ways to learn is by listening. The last reason that I'm so quiet is because I'm extremely self-conscious. I hate to make a fool of myself and can rarely come up with a quick, witty response on the spot.
What do you want to do with your life?
I am probably the most indecisive person ever. My interests jump around from day to day. The ever present "What do you want to be when you grow up?" question frightens me. I have no idea. I've wanted to be a geneticist, chemical engineer, magazine editor, journalist, costume designer, director, author, graphic designer, historian, and a webpage designer all in the past year. This problem gets worse as college approaches and I have to start deciding what to major in. Maybe I just think too much about things.
What do you think about religion?
Religion is one of my strongest internal conflicts. I was an avid churchgoer until I was seven, then we virtually stopped going to church for seven years, but I still believed in God and went to youth group stuff with my friends. After we moved to where I live now, we started going to church again and I got confirmed into the Presbyterian Church. So, I'm a Christian. But I don't really believe in the whole evangelism thing. I really hate imposing my views on other people. I also don't think that church is necessary to have faith in God. Sure, it can help to learn, but why hear someone else's interpretation of the Bible when you can read it yourself. So I suppose I'm more spiritual than religious. I also love to learn about other religions and have discussions about them with my friends.
What about "trendy" things/people?
Trends, the lifeblood of many people at my sChool. I live in a rich, WASP(white anglo-saxon protestant), surfing city. (It's not fun, especially when you grew up in a very diverse, relatively low income city.) We're talking Abercrombie&Fitch, Guess?, Bebe, and Banana Republic. I refuse to shop at any of those stores, mostly because of the cost, not the name. Almost all of my clothes come from Old Navy and the Gap. Not because it's trendy, but because I like the clothes. They fit me well and suit my semi-laidback style. Some people are so anti-trendy that they don' stop to think that maybe people dress a certain way because they like the clothes. It frustrates me sometimes.