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Trolli Mini-hamburgers are really addicting. I have this gigantic box of 72 from Price Club.

My birthday is a week from today. I'm excited. All I want is a PS1 and DDR. Really. Okay and maybe some money, but that's it.

Damn, the repairs for my car are going to cost ~$500. For a stupid right headlight cover and some paint. So that leaves me with some major debt and a big reason to get a job. I'm already starting to feel the stress of the school year and we still have 2 1/2 weeks of vacation left. I just have to keep telling myself that that's a long time and I will get my Gold Award done and I will fill out the college apps I have and I will get my room all situated.

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Wow, I haven't blogged in a long time...

I got the new IKEA catalog today! Now I'm all inspired to buy new furniture and redecorate my room. There's this cool loft bed I want and a curvy paper latern. Now, just to find a few hundred dollars lying around...

I slept way too much last night. 13 hours. I suppose I needed to catch up from 4 days of 5 or less hours of sleep. That was the only bad part about yearbook camp. The rest was fun though. We made this life-size cow that kept getting stolen, but had to take it apart because it wouldn't git in anyone's car.

I can't believe that summer is almost over. I still have too much stuff to do in the three and a half weeks left including: doing my gold award project, doing my AP Bio homework, filling out college apps, watching anime, and working on my websites. Blegh.

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This is a kind of delayed reaction, but why doesn't the Moulin Rouge soundtrack have "Like a Virgin", "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and the song that played in the credits?! "Like a Virgin" was one of the funnier moments in the entire movie! All I know is that I have to go see it again this weekend, but I'm afraid that one of my friends won't like it...

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Like the new layout? I'm still trying to work out all the kinks...

Three days of school left! *And* I only have to go for one class tomorrow so me and my buds are gonna take a trip up to the mall and check out the new American Eagle store.

I got a freakin' B in physics... what makes me mad is that if I had done the extra credit I would have an A. Damn. But, I did squeak in an A in pre-calc after a very poor showing (50%) on the final. But, I'm over it.

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Finally saw Moulin Rouge last night! It completely lived up to my expectations, though I didn't like it until Satine started to sing Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend and I didn't love it until they were all up in the elephant singing about Spectacular, Spectacular. Must go buy the soundtrack!!

On another note, it was incredibly hot yesterday! And I got to sit in the sun from 11-2 passing out yearbooks... And now I have to study for my physics final because I have to get an A, so I can get an A in the class. I don't think it's gonna happen, but a girl can dream...

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The yearbook is awesome! We officially got them yesterday and I just wanted to hold it. It feels like such an accomplishment. Every person in the school gets to see this thing and I helped make it. Wow. I think the cover is the best part. It is entirely matte black with glossy black lettering. And, of course, the index is great. Okay, enough yearbook raving...

31 more hours of school left! Freedom is so close I can almost smell it! (and it smells good!)

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*glares at her blog* why isn't the table working?!

I hate SATs. Especially SAT II: Physics and math IIC. I had to get up a 6:45 to take a stupid standardized test. I should have been sleeping! They should really offer those at night or something.

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